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Reader Leaders

Ask a grown up to read this with you.

Become a Harry and the Dinosaurs Reader-Leader!

Share a book with a grown-up and say RAAAAH! For Reading Together

Harry and the dinosaurs have lots of fun reading stories together with Mum and Nan and Mr Oakley. Even Harry's grumpy sister Sam sometimes shares a story with them! So we want you to ask a favourite grown-up to enjoy reading a story with you.

Together you can:
Earn special Harry and the Dinosaurs Reading Certificates Become a Harry and the Dinosaurs Reader-Leader!©

Reader-Leaders show everyone what fun it is to read together.

Here's what to do:

Find time for a story. Decide what is your favourite place and time to read together. Is it at the breakfast table? In the bath? On the sofa? On the bus? Just home from school? Who likes bedtime stories best?

Every time a grown-up reads a story with you, carefully cut out the sticker of the person who read it with you and stick it in a space on the reading chart. (Use glue, blu-tack or sellotape. Or print them out on a sheet of labels.) Every time you read a story together, you should also fill out the title of the story, author and illustrator on your Reading Record When you have filled out all 12 spaces GIVE YOURSELF A RAAAAH! Well done!! Now you can print out a certificate from here and fill in your name.

If you complete 5 charts, GIVE YOURSELF A DOUBLE RAAAAH! That means you've read 60 books, so you get to print out a special certificate here