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Reader Leaders

There are lots of things you can do with your child/children to encourage a love of reading and dinosaurs!

Why parents need to read for fun with their children


The vast majority of the most successful children in school and in life are those who can settle with a book and read confidently and for pleasure.


Our country needs readers. Anything you can do to encourage reading will make an important difference to education and the economy.


Most men think that fiction is a girly thing. Most primary school teachers are women. So It’s hard not to reinforce the myth that girls are born readers and that boys are not naturally inclined to read anything beyond "facts”. You can do something about this by showing boys that stories are fun.

Spend time.

It’s great to spend money on your kids. It’s even better to spend time with them.

Give them a head start in life; read them a story.

Do something about a serious crime

Did you know that 80 per cent of parents never have a conversation with their children? There's a crime-statistic you can do something about. Share a book with your child and start a proper conversation.

Be a Pavarotti among Parents.

Read to your child and hit three Top Cs!

  • Contact
  • Conversation
  • Confidence

Here are just a few things to get you started:

Ian Whybrow’s Top 10 tips for getting the most out of reading with your child

  1. Tool up. Go to the library and get tons of books free. Ask the librarian to suggest things.
  2. Chuck the telly out of the child's room. You're giving him/her a much greater gift… your time. If you can’t face being so drastic, set a time to turn the thing off and end the day with a bedtime story.
  3. Start sharing books before the child's a year old.
  4. Don't worry if you're not a brilliant reader. It’s enjoying stories together that counts.
  5. Get away from the idea that reading is just something that they do in school. When you share a book, make sure it doesn’t feel like a dose of medicine. Above all, have fun.
  6. Establish a regular reading time at bedtime. Get comfortable in the child's room.
  7. Alternate the nights when each partner reads. Men should share the pleasure fifty-fifty.
  8. Have several books available - and let the child choose the ones to be read. Agree on one or two stories and make it a rule that It’s time to sleep after that.
  9. Don't insist that boys always have stories about machines, fighting and football; and steer the girls away from too much pink and glittery stuff.
  10. Remember the "Pokemon Syndrome". We chaps love to show off our special knowledge and rejoice in watching Nan's face when we explain (aged 3) that the plates on the back of a stegosaurus rattle when the creature is agitated.

Download Harry’s Reading Chart, Reading Record and Stickers here. Be a Leader-Reader with your child and do your bit for the country by helping to lift reading standards. Raaaah!

Important Note:
For best results be seen to be enjoying a book yourself.

Reading can be addictive.

How you and your child can work together to become Reader-Leaders.

How you and your child can work together to become Reader-Leaders.

Make sure the child has explored the Reader Leaders section and look at it together.

It is aimed to encourage shared reading as a regular habit so that you can both enjoy all the rewards that follow from it.

RAAAAH! for Reading Together.

Drop us a line and let us know how you're getting on.
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Ian talking about reading: a couple of video-links

Ian says: People are always asking me about my favourite books and where my ideas come from.

Here are a couple of videos of me talking about those matters and why I think it's important for adults to take time to share books with children: